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Woodcraft Interior Design represents a one-stop interior design and renovation company that offers a full range of renovation services, including interior design, ceilings, plumbing and other renovation-related projects, to meet customer needs fully. We undertake various interior design and renovation projects, including residential renovation for apartments or townhouses, etc., as well as commercial renovation for shops, restaurants, offices, etc. Woodcraft Interior Design owns two wooden furniture manufacturing factories in Taman Tan Sri Yacob, Skudai, Johor, in Malaysia, with a total factory area of 18,000 square feet.

Services We Provide

Our Wide Range of Interior design Services

Tailored Design Solutions

Crafting personalized interior design concepts aligned with individual tastes, preferences, and lifestyle, ensuring a unique and tailored approach to each project.

Comprehensive Space Enhancement

Offering a holistic range of services encompassing space planning, color coordination, furniture selection, lighting design, and material recommendations to transform spaces seamlessly.

Versatility Across Settings

Adapting design expertise to various settings including homes, offices, retail spaces, and more, demonstrating versatility in creating appealing and functional environments for diverse clientele.

Get a Feel for Materials

Let you feel the materials in advance & help you set up your renovation plan

In order to provide excellent service, we have set up a showroom in Tampines North to display a wide variety of materials, allowing customers to view and feel the texture of the materials in advance so that they can choose the colour and style of the materials with enhanced insight into the post-renovation environment.
At the same time, we provide a wealth of case pictures for customers to view, including various styles of design and renovation, to help them plan the renovation projects and determine the materials to be used, thereby accelerating the entire renovation process.

Create and Customize Your Dream Space.

Collaborating with Designers to Build Your Dream Home

A talented, dedicated design team is our proud competitive advantage. Be it a home, commercial space or office, we create a vibrant and comfortable environment for our clients. Let’s work together to turn your dream space into a reality.

Our designers, full of creativity and forward-thinking, believe every space should reflect the owner’s unique taste. We fully understand our customers’ preferences and lifestyles and can customise a suitable design plan to turn each project into a work of art.

Customized wooden furniture

At Wood craft, we take immense pride in the fact that our specialized furniture is meticulously crafted within our very own manufacturing facility. This commitment translates to a superior level of quality and a guarantee that sets us apart. In the realm of interior renovation, where over 60% of the project hinges on woodworking furniture, we recognize the pivotal role it plays. Unlike many industry peers who outsource woodworking, we believe in retaining control over every aspect of production. Our in-house manufacturing facility affords us unparalleled advantages, starting with stringent quality control. We oversee the production process directly, ensuring that materials are selected meticulously and every processing detail adheres to the highest standards. This precision extends to providing flexibility to swiftly adapt to customer needs, offering a diverse array of design options. Moreover, our streamlined production allows for on-time delivery, providing a seamless progression of your project. Additionally, by eliminating external supplier profits and intermediary costs, we effectively manage expenses, presenting our customers with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Our Project

Designing the Extraordinary, Project by Project